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Notes from the Director

March 23, 2023

  • Next Tuesday, March 28, is a Bonus Rehearsal. We will meet in the Choir Room (upstairs) at 11am and work on the music and parts YOU need the most help with. Afterwards you can have the honor 😊 of dining with the director for lunch and laughter!!!!

  • Next Thursday is an Ensemble rehearsal. The parts have been added to the website (as of this afternoon) and are available for you to download. Not only are your parts available, but I also a full parts file and the piano accompaniment for you to practice with.

  • Don’t forget, tickets and flyers are available tonight! If everyone sells at least 10 tickets we will meet our goal! There might just be a prize for anyone that meets their ticket goal and the one who sells the most tickets

Image by Dan Gold

Bass Section

Image by Francesco Ungaro

Tenor Section

Image by Alexander Andrews

Alto Section

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Soprano Section

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2023 Spring Show
Rehearsal/Performance Schedule

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