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Notes from the Director

January 26, 2023

  • Welcome, welcome, welcome to all! It’s so good to see our returning members and all the new faces. Please make sure to turn in registration forms, volunteer forms, etc. tonight so we can get everyone’s information for communication purposes.

  • Returning members: has your address, phone number or email changed? Please update your information on a registration form or on the sign-in sheet tonight.

  • February 9 will be the first meeting of the Production Team. This group does all the production work for our shows: costumes, set, props, tickets, etc. We would love to have you join us! We will meet in the choir room (2nd floor, first room on the right after the elevator) at 5:30.

  • I will be recording all the parts for the show this week and getting them onto our website for you to download. It’s a pretty easy process. But as soon as they are ready we’ll send out an email as soon as everything is ready for you with instructions on where to go and how to download the parts. If you really need a CD made and can’t download the files, please let Rhonda (our techie) know and she will make you one.

Image by Dan Gold

Bass Section

Image by Francesco Ungaro

Tenor Section

Image by Alexander Andrews

Alto Section

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Soprano Section

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2023 Spring Show
Rehearsal/Performance Schedule

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